Water line Leak Repair and Replacement

Is Your Water Line Leaking or Maybe Need To Be Replaced?

Running water is an amazing thing and something that we can take for granted. With that said the main water line that is used to deliver the water can become damaged over time or due to various events. If you find that the pressure in your faucets has gone down or if there is a wet location in your yard that was not there before then you might be in need of a water line repair or replacement.

What does a broken water line mean for your water bill?

If not taken care of in a timely fashion your water bill can continue to rise depending on the leak or the break in the waterline. Not only will you be spending more money but the actual amount of water you can use will also start to be less and less. High water bills are no fun and that is why you need to call us today at 706-870-6347 and will be right out to assess the situation and get you fixed up in no time.

Process for your Water Line Replacement or Repair

You might be wondering how this process will work and what to expect. Below we outlined the way that Cannon Plumbing will take care of your water line problem:

  • We attempt to get the water line repair or replacement done in a day if possible
  • If non-invasive methods can be used for pipe replacement that is the way we go first
  • Saving your money and time is our goal
  • All the work that is done in up to code and beyond industry standards

Cannon Plumbing to the rescue

Proudly serving Braselton and the surrounding areas such as Jefferson, Buford, Winder, and more we have dealt with plenty of broken water lines. You can expect only the best from Cannon for all your plumbing service needs. We provide a 1-year guarantee on all labor and only use the best materials.

Water line Leak Repair and Replacement Braselton Ga